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Custom Signs


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This listing is the basis for Custom Signage orders. Please contact me with any and all signage needs you may have. We work with Metal, Wood, and other materials to achieve the look you are looking for. We can make indoor / outdoor signs that will be sure to grab the eye.

PLEASE contact me before ordering so that I may develop your personalized custom quote. This listing is not actually for sale, but used as the basis for you to request a custom order.

Signs can range from 6"x 6" up to 4' x 8' with a single piece. Larger orders can be discussed with assembly. Back lighting is available along with many finishes to choose from such as bare metal, powder coating, automotive paint, etc.

Ball park pricing can often be $150 for simple smaller designs to $3000 for large complex orders. Again, please contact me with your idea before placing an order. You can use the 'Request Custom' feature in this listing. Consultations are always free!